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Burien Cabinet Refinishing

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Cabinet Restoration Services

Restoration is the most affordable and the quickest way to bring life back into dreary Burien cabinets.

"Your Kitchen New Again,
1-2 Days, No Mess!"

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Cabinet Color Changes

Cabinet color changes are an low cost alternative to cabinet refacing!

"The Color You Always Wanted,
In 1 Week!"

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Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

    1. We come to your Burien home and tape, tarp, and cover with plastic appliances, counter tops, and floors so they are completely protected
    2. Cabinets are thoroughly cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners to remove all grease, waxes, and any other build up
    3. The wood is lightly sanded in damaged areas only
    4. Any abnormal darkened areas are decontaminated if necessary
    5. Cabinets are stained to the color you desire
    6. Four coats of lacquer are professionally sprayed to seal and protect the wood
    7. Cabinets sit untouched for 24 hours to allow finish to cure
    8. Next, you enjoy your new Burien Cabinets

Burien Strong

If you are thinking that you do not like your kitchen cabinets, or maybe your bathroom or den cabinets, you are probably not sure what all your options are. You have probably looked at cabinets in the big box home improvement stores. You may have even thought about refinishing your Burien cabinets yourself. You do have lots of choices and price points to look at!

You Have Lots of Options for Burien Cabinet Refinishing

One option is to install new cabinets. This option is one you can do yourself, if you have patience and some skill. Before you select installing new cabinets as your choice, take a look at the quality of your current kitchen cabinets and compare it to that of new cabinets. Look around Burien. Often new cabinets are made of press board with a thin wood veneer. You might not want to throw away craft built Burien wood cabinets in exchange for cheap press board. You do have options.

Cabinet Replacement Might Mean Settling for Press Board

You might think that refacing your existing Burien cabinets is good direction to go. You should know, however, that cabinet refacing in the Burien area is almost as expensive as buying new cabinets. Often a contractor will install new cabinet doors instead of refacing the door itself in which case you may end up with inferior wood, if it is wood.

Even Cabinet Refacing Might Mean Low Quality Doors

You might consider painting your existing cabinets, maybe even doing it yourself. Please don't, you are not likely to be happy! Painting cabinets is tricky. Your cabinets form a large visible surface that show flaws easily. Painting them right comes with years of experience and technique development. In the industry, we call these people craftsmen or craftspeople. Cabinet Restoration's Ian Dubois IS a top tier Burien craftsperson and the cabinet refinishing cost is extremely reasonable.

Cabinet Refinishing Prices Are Extremely Reasonable

If you want to retain that natural wood look your best direction is likely cabinet refinishing or as we like to call it, cabinet restoration. It is our hallmark. We take your worn out cabinets from tired to fresh. When we are done refinishing your Burien cabinets, they will sparkle. It can be done in just days at a very affordable price.