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Cabinet Restoration Services

Restoration is the most affordable and the quickest way to bring life back into dreary Everett cabinets.

"Your Kitchen New Again,
1-2 Days, No Mess!"

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Cabinet Color Changes

Cabinet color changes are an low cost alternative to cabinet refacing!

"The Color You Always Wanted,
In 1 Week!"

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Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

    1. We come to your Everett home and tape, tarp, and cover with plastic appliances, counter tops, and floors so they are completely protected
    2. Cabinets are thoroughly cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners to remove all grease, waxes, and any other build up
    3. The wood is lightly sanded in damaged areas only
    4. Any abnormal darkened areas are decontaminated if necessary
    5. Cabinets are stained to the color you desire
    6. Four coats of lacquer are professionally sprayed to seal and protect the wood
    7. Cabinets sit untouched for 24 hours to allow finish to cure
    8. Next, you enjoy your new Everett Cabinets

Everett Strong

Everett Cabinet Refinishing and Restoration

everett cabinet refinishing

While we work across the Puget Sound doing cabinet refinishing, Everett is a hub of activity for us. There are a lot of craftsman homes that have great bones and quality hardwood cabinets. After years and years of use, they just need to be spruced up, refinished if you will. It is one of the special aspects of many Everett cabinets.

Your Solid Wood Everett Cabinets Should Be Cherished

Refinishing these cabinets is the preferred solution, where putting in new cabinets would be a disservice to the home. It doesn't make sense to take a kitchen filled with solid wood cabinets and replace them with new press board doors and wood veneer finish. It would literally devalue your Everett home and be a horrible travesty.

Return the Natural Beauty of Your Hardwood Grain

Refinishing your Everett cabinets lets the natural hardwood shine. Whether they are just worn and scuffed or they are painted over, they can be refinished to their natural hardwood. If you would like a darker color - cherry, walnut, or dark oak - that can be done as well. After staining, the beauty of the natural grain will show through. If you want to improve the value of your Everett home and save remodeling money, refinishing is the way to go. Even better, it is fast. It takes only days to accomplish. Call us today for an immediate Everett cabinet refinishing quote.