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Cabinet Restoration Services

Restoration is the most affordable and the quickest way to bring life back into dreary Renton cabinets.

"Your Kitchen New Again,
1-2 Days, No Mess!"

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Cabinet Color Changes

Cabinet color changes are an low cost alternative to cabinet refacing!

"The Color You Always Wanted,
In 1 Week!"

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Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

    1. We come to your Renton home and tape, tarp, and cover with plastic appliances, counter tops, and floors so they are completely protected
    2. Cabinets are thoroughly cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners to remove all grease, waxes, and any other build up
    3. The wood is lightly sanded in damaged areas only
    4. Any abnormal darkened areas are decontaminated if necessary
    5. Cabinets are stained to the color you desire
    6. Four coats of lacquer are professionally sprayed to seal and protect the wood
    7. Cabinets sit untouched for 24 hours to allow finish to cure
    8. Next, you enjoy your new Renton Cabinets

Renton Strong

Professional Results from an Industry Professional

Renton cabinet refinishing may seem like a simple weekend task but to get that professional look into your kitchen you will need a professional. A professional like Cabinet Restorations.

Years of Enjoyment Require Proper Preparation of your Cabinets

We prepare your cabinets by doing a thorough cleaning. Cabinet refinishing starts with clean base. It is critical that all old grease, oil, stains and dirt build up that happens over years. Stripping all this off allows the sanding process to proceed unabated. Cabinets that have not been prepared properly will still have interfering contaminants even after sanding.

Change the Color of Your Cabinets

You don't have to live with the current color of your cabinets. Most older homes have light oak colored or maple cabinets in Renton. Cabinet refinishing let's you change those cabinets to the wood color you like. You can stain them to mahogany, cherry, walnut or other colors if you wish.

Finally, we apply three coats of lacquer to create a smooth, finished and protected surface. Want it to shine, we can do that. Want your cabinets to have a silky look, we can do that. There are a variety of lacquer treatments to match the look you desire in your refinished cabinets.

Renton Cabinet Refinishing Instant Quotes

If you decide to explore a home in Renton for cabinet refinishing, give us a call. We are happy to provide you an instant quote.